Remote IT Support Services in Utah

When you need help with network or device issues but don’t have time to meet with an IT technician in person, remote IT support services can help. Remote IT services allow our technicians to connect to your network or device from their own remote location. Connecting to your device allows our technician to troubleshoot and resolve issues and allows you to stay in the comfort of your own home.

Why Choose Remote Support?

Our remote support services are designed to assist you wherever you are. No matter where your problems occur, our technicians can resolve them in a timely manner. This also makes it easier to schedule appointments. Rather than having to come into our office when you experience a problem with your network or device, our team can assist you remotely. This also saves time for everyone! Remote support allows technicians to find and resolve problems in a timely manner, and it saves our customers the time of driving to and from our office.

Is Remote Access Safe?

Giving someone else the ability to control your device can be a scary thought, especially when you have sensitive information or files on your computer. However, remote access is sometimes necessary to enable IT technicians to fix certain issues. Here are a few tips to use remote access safely. First, you should only allow someone remote access when you have specifically scheduled an appointment to resolve an issue. Never give access to your device to someone who contacts you first as this is a common type of scam. Second, make sure you trust the person or company that is working on your computer. Search for professional IT companies so you can have someone you trust making changes to your device. Finally, remember that you can end the support session at any time if you feel uncomfortable! If at any time you are worried about your data or about the technician helping you, you can end the call and regain full control of your device.

How Does Remote Support Work?

Remote support works through the use of a remote access software. This type of software allows one computer to view and make changes to another computer for a limited amount of time. Not only does this help walk you through the process of solving problems with your network or device, but this type of software can also be used to teach you how to use a software or program as well. Once our technician has your approval, they will connect to your device, will help you troubleshoot the issue at hand, and will walk you through the steps needed to resolve the problem. When the issue has been solved, our IT experts will then return control of your device back to you. Once the call is ended, they will no longer be able to access any files or data from your device.

Try out Remote Support Services Today!

At Honest Rockies IT Services, our reliable technicians can help you troubleshoot any problems with your device or network no matter where you are. If you have an issue with a device, contact our office today to resolve your problem using our remote support services!