Microsoft Office 365 Software

What is Microsoft Office 365? It is a software suite that is a subscription-based program. It is meant to improve efficiency and teamwork for businesses and individuals. These programs are automatically updated with no extra charge and there are different prices for different subscriptions. These programs improve communication, management, and collaboration for businesses and individuals, and include a suite of applications as explained below.

What is Included in Microsoft Office 365

The subscription options for Office 365 give users access to Office apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more. Word is a great option for a word processing software that includes templates for any kind of document. It is the best program for word processing and document creation. Excel is a program designed to create spreadsheets, PowerPoint simplifies the process to create slideshows, and Outlook is a personal information manager that helps with task managing, contact managing, emailing, calendar, and more. While there are free online versions for most of these apps, Microsoft Office subscriptions give users more features, improved security, and more storage.

Other Helpful Features of Office 365

Some other helpful features of Office 365 are the app integrations that are included. Skype, Microsoft teams, and other apps are able to improve your efficiency and make it easier for your team to collaborate on projects. Microsoft Office also includes real-time co-authoring in Word. This feature allows users to see what others are writing in real-time. These features and more make collaboration easier than ever.

Microsoft Office 365 Pricing

Microsoft 365 has different prices for the different subscriptions and plans they offer. The Business Basic plan is $5/month per user with an annual commitment. Business Standard plans start at $12.50/user per month, and Business Premium plans start at $20/user per month. To help decide which plan is best for you, consider how much storage you need for your account, the level of security you’d prefer, and how many users will be on the account.

Why Use Office 365

There are many benefits to using Office 365. First, it allows users to mix and match plans. Office 365 has 7 plans and works with companies of any size. It also allows businesses to tailor their packages. There is nothing worse than paying for parts of a program that you never use. Office 365 is also ideal for collaboration. Not only are there co-authoring options, but it is also easy to leave and resolve comments on the programs. Finally, Office 365 offers great security, making it easy to know who has access to your documents. Office 365 is ideal for businesses who are trying to improve collaboration and teamwork.

Microsoft Office Migration Process

There are many different ways to migrate your previous account to Microsoft Office 365. It may seem like a difficult process to start, but Honest Rockies can help! We are partnered directly with Microsoft and offer our customers the full Microsoft suite. Our IT technicians at Honest Rockies will help you simplify the Microsoft office migration process as you create your new Microsoft Office 365 account. With Honest Rockies, there are no costly migration fees or wasted time. If you need help with Microsoft Office 365 service or troubleshooting, need assistance in learning the software, or need help with your account migration, Honest Rockies can help! Contact us today to learn more about our migration process and to see how we can help you!