Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a collection of online tools built to improve computing, collaboration, and productivity. These tools are created by Google and were previously known as the G Suite or Google Suite. If you are looking for a program that allows you to improve teamwork and increase your productivity, learn more about Google Workspace below and how you can migrate your data to a new Google Workspace account.

What Is Included in Google Workspace

In Google Workspace, there are a variety of tools that can help you improve the way you work. The applications that are included in this collection are Gmail, Meet, Calendar, Google Drive, and more. The tools included in Google Drive are Docs, Slides, Forms, Sheets, etc. Each of these apps allow for real-time collaboration, they make it easy to share files, and they also allow for more synchronization between team members.

Other Helpful Features

Although Google Workspace isn’t free, the collection of apps in the Google Drive are free to use online. This allows you to write, edit, and collaborate with other team members for free, wherever you are. If you like the free apps but are looking for more features and security, consider trying some of the other Google Workspace subscriptions.

Another helpful feature of the Google Workspace is the ease of sharing files. While other programs make you save files in order to attach or share them, Google Workspace provides easy share controls with changeable options. These allow users to edit, comment, or simply view. Changing these settings is simple and makes it easy to share your files with others.

Google Workspace also automatically saves each of your files. The constant updating feature is what allows users to collaborate in real-time, and it also is beneficial in a teamwork setting. Users can write, comment, edit, and add anything to a group project in real-time. This feature prevents the loss of data  that comes from not saving documents on other platforms.

Why Use Google Workspace

Why should you use Google Workspace instead of another word processing software, like Microsoft Office 365? In all honesty, it is up to your individual preference about what features are most important to you in the program you choose. Google Workspace provides more free features than Microsoft Office 365 and is more easily accessible. Microsoft Office can cost hundreds for a business to implement in their office and doesn’t include as many features. Especially with more businesses transitioning to a work from home environment, it is essential to have a program that makes it easy to collaborate, even when you aren’t together.

G-Suite Migration

To begin the G-Suite migration process, users should start by forwarding their incoming emails to their Google account. Next, import calendars and contacts to your new Google Workspace account to make the synchronization process easier. The final step is to migrate your old mail to your new account, so you don’t lose old data from your previous account. While this process may seem daunting, you can find help from businesses like Honest Rockies! Our IT professionals at Honest Rockies can help simplify the migration process as you create a Google Workspace account. If you need Google Workspace support, help with Google Workspace troubleshooting, or want help learning the software, Honest Rockies can help! Contact our technicians today to learn more about this word processing software, and to learn more about our migration process!